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I have pleasure to announce that AimFX become official NinjaTrader vendor.

Over last few months, we were working closely together with NinjaTrader team on vetting AimFX Add-on publishing plugin for NinjaTrader platform. Now I can officially announce that we went through the vetting program and as a result AimFX become official NinjaTrader vendor.

Being part of NinjaTrader Ecosystem opens the door for better engineering support for the AimFX Add-on.

It’s great to be part of NinjaTrader ecosystem and I am looking forward to work together to offer best quality products.


After several months of work, new release is ready. We made several improvements around plugin functionality, new feature and fixing bugs. Two significant changes are under development.

First is Ninja Trader 8 AddOn, so that Ninja Trader can be configured as a master and MT4/MT5 as follower. Ninja Trader beta testing should start within next few weeks.

Second is related to Sierra chart receiver plugin. Work has already started but it’s complex and time consuming activity.

Release log:

  • Feature: Split position into a few smaller one
    • Introduced a new parameter in Follower edit view – “splitmaxsize” which can be used to define what is the maximum position size on follower.
    • Example:
      • Broker has restriction 100 lot on single position.
      • Trader want to use Sierra Chart to trade e-mini S&P and copy to US500 using one of the MetaTrader 4 brokers. He want’s 1 contract on e-mini S&P to be translated to 250 lots on MT4 account. His risk factor is set to 250 on the follower.
      • Problem statement: As the broker allows for single position to be less or equal 100 lots, this position will not be opened.
      • Solution – Trader can set adjust Symbol Setting with “US500 splitmaxsize=100”. As a result, single position will be split into three different position on MT4 (100 lots, 100 lots, 50 lots). All existing features are supported (TP/SL/partial closure/closure)
  • MetaTrader 4 – 0.8.5
    • Improved partial closure logic
    • Improved error reporting GUI
    • Bugfix: only market orders are send to the engine. Previously pending orders were included which could lead to opening a market order on the follower
  • MetaTrader 5 – 0.8.5
    • Fixed TP/SL calculations to check if TP/SL can be set (some brokers defines minimal distance)
    • Fixed exposure synchronization issue on first tick when account is flat
    • Improved order execution with slower brokers: some of slower brokers confirm order is executed when in reality its not. As a result, EA was sending second order and double the exposure
    • Improved order execution engine
    • Improved GUI status messages

We advise to update plugins to the most recent version (0.8.5). Newest plugins are available under


  • Add Ninja trader sender plugin – work is in progress
  • Add Sierra chart receiver plugin – work is in progress

Stay tuned!


It’s already two months since beta tests are over. Many traders helped to build and test the tool. As of July 1st, access to the platform is available with subscription.

Work on the project is moving forward.

Release log:

  • Panel
    • Added option to configure fixed TP & SL for a receiver
  • Metatrader 4 – new version 0.8.1 released
    • Added partial closure support
    • Added option to define Receiver Mode
      • Normal – open & close trades are received
      • Open Only – EA will only open new trades, but will not handle existing one (good to combine with FIX TP/SL setting)
      • Close Only – EA will close open trades, but will not open a new one
    • Improved overall performance
  • Metatrader 5 – new version 0.8.1 released
    • Improved how new order is send to the server. It’s related to the problem when sometime MT5 server is slow and miss reports exposure on MT5 client. As a result, it caused two trades to be opened instead of one.
    • Fixed few smaller bugs


  • Further platform improvement
    • Improve Metatrader 5 plugin – better handling how new trades are opened
  • Add Sierra Chart receiver plugin
  • Add Ninja trader sender plugin
  • Add feature for users to share signals with other AimFX users

Stay tuned,


It’s been decent few months. More than 150 people joined the beta testing. Around 40-50 using the tool on daily basis. I have receiver a tone of good feedback and ideas on how to improve the tool.

With your help, I managed to solve many issues and add new features.

Let me summarize what I manage to deliver.


  • unlimited Multi-master / Multi-follower configuration
  • set risk factor for follower (equity/balance ratio, lot multiplier, fix lot size)
  • define TP/SL type: distance based, same as master, do not copy TP/SL
  • define symbol mapping between master and follower accounts
  • possibility to set all settings per symbol
    • risk factor
    • additional spread (helpful for TP/SL levels)
    • disable – option to disable specific symbol from copying
    • invert – option to invert Longs with Shorts, for example long on CA6U20 will be copied as short on USDCAD
    • emergency stop – in case trade do not have SL, add default stop loss

Sierra chart

  • Plugin do not send trades during Backtesting
  • Optimize communication protocol – latency reduced by half
  • Encrypt traffic in-transit with SSL
  • Known limitations:
    • Sierra chart do not expose balance/equity properly. Always use lot multiplier when master account is Sierra Chart

MetaTrader 4

  • Improve error reporting – in case of errors, display meaningful and actionable guide
  • TP/SL is validated before order is send
  • Known limitations:
    • Partial close is not supported
    • Manual trade close in follower account will cause order to reopen. You can turn off the copier in order to manage follower account yourself
    • You can add Expert advisor only once to single MetaTrader 4 chart. In case you add Expert Advisor on two or more charts, all trades will get copied multiple times
    • Pending orders are not copied by design – tool always reflect master exposure

MetaTrader 5

  • Plugin works in both modes: Netting and Hedging
  • Improve error reporting. In case of errors, display meaningful and actionable guide
  • TP/SL is validated before order is send
    • easy to map rolling future contract to CFD symbol
  • Known limitations:
    • Netting account: Receiver manages all position on follower account. In case there is manual trade open, it will be closed immediately
    • Pending orders are not copied by design. Tool always reflect master exposure

Still there is plenty work to do.

Stay tuned!

Welcome! It’s been a long journey. I’ve been working on trade copy tool for many months already. So far only few people were using the tool on daily basis. It’s time to invite more people into testing. Running closed beta will help a lot in finding different angles where application work/or do not work.

The plan is to run beta starting a beta testing in August 2020 and close it around January/February 2021.

Key focus is to test few scenarios:

  • Copy trades from Sierra chart to MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Copy trades between MetaTrader 4 platforms
  • Increase platform stability
  • Improve performance
  • Introduce encryption in-transit

Roadmap for coming months

  • August 2020 – January 2021 – Closed beta testing
  • February 2021 – Refresh website with content
  • March/April 2021 – Provide access to the tool via subscription
  • Introduce another platforms: cTrader / NinjaTrader /

Stay tuned!