Release note 2021-09-02

September 2, 2021 Blog

It’s already two months since beta tests are over. Many traders helped to build and test the tool. As of July 1st, access to the platform is available with subscription.

Work on the project is moving forward.

Release log:

  • Panel
    • Added option to configure fixed TP & SL for a receiver
  • Metatrader 4 – new version 0.8.1 released
    • Added partial closure support
    • Added option to define Receiver Mode
      • Normal – open & close trades are received
      • Open Only – EA will only open new trades, but will not handle existing one (good to combine with FIX TP/SL setting)
      • Close Only – EA will close open trades, but will not open a new one
    • Improved overall performance
  • Metatrader 5 – new version 0.8.1 released
    • Improved how new order is send to the server. It’s related to the problem when sometime MT5 server is slow and miss reports exposure on MT5 client. As a result, it caused two trades to be opened instead of one.
    • Fixed few smaller bugs


  • Further platform improvement
    • Improve Metatrader 5 plugin – better handling how new trades are opened
  • Add Sierra Chart receiver plugin
  • Add Ninja trader sender plugin
  • Add feature for users to share signals with other AimFX users

Stay tuned,