Release note 2021-02-13

February 13, 2021 Release

It’s been decent few months. More than 150 people joined the beta testing. Around 40-50 using the tool on daily basis. I have receiver a tone of good feedback and ideas on how to improve the tool.

With your help, I managed to solve many issues and add new features.

Let me summarize what I manage to deliver.


  • unlimited Multi-master / Multi-follower configuration
  • set risk factor for follower (equity/balance ratio, lot multiplier, fix lot size)
  • define TP/SL type: distance based, same as master, do not copy TP/SL
  • define symbol mapping between master and follower accounts
  • possibility to set all settings per symbol
    • risk factor
    • additional spread (helpful for TP/SL levels)
    • disable – option to disable specific symbol from copying
    • invert – option to invert Longs with Shorts, for example long on CA6U20 will be copied as short on USDCAD
    • emergency stop – in case trade do not have SL, add default stop loss

Sierra chart

  • Plugin do not send trades during Backtesting
  • Optimize communication protocol – latency reduced by half
  • Encrypt traffic in-transit with SSL
  • Known limitations:
    • Sierra chart do not expose balance/equity properly. Always use lot multiplier when master account is Sierra Chart

MetaTrader 4

  • Improve error reporting – in case of errors, display meaningful and actionable guide
  • TP/SL is validated before order is send
  • Known limitations:
    • Partial close is not supported
    • Manual trade close in follower account will cause order to reopen. You can turn off the copier in order to manage follower account yourself
    • You can add Expert advisor only once to single MetaTrader 4 chart. In case you add Expert Advisor on two or more charts, all trades will get copied multiple times
    • Pending orders are not copied by design – tool always reflect master exposure

MetaTrader 5

  • Plugin works in both modes: Netting and Hedging
  • Improve error reporting. In case of errors, display meaningful and actionable guide
  • TP/SL is validated before order is send
    • easy to map rolling future contract to CFD symbol
  • Known limitations:
    • Netting account: Receiver manages all position on follower account. In case there is manual trade open, it will be closed immediately
    • Pending orders are not copied by design. Tool always reflect master exposure

Still there is plenty work to do.

Stay tuned!