Free Standard Premium
Meta Trader 4
single master/single follower
Meta Trader 5
Sierra Chart
NinjaTrader 8
Discord support group
5 usd per month
50 usd per year
30 usd per month
300 usd per year

* Unlimited master and follower accounts for Standard and Premium access for private usage.


Registration in AimFX is for free. By default created user is with FREE role and has free access to basic trade copier functionalities. In order to get access to Standard/Premium capabilities, subscription is required. 

In order to register, click on Registration link at the top of the menu, you will be able to pick one of your Google/Facebook/Twitter social account. 

Once account is created, to go “My Subscriptions” under “Subscription” section where you can subscribe to one of available packages. It is possible to upgrade/downgrade the package. Your payment will get prorated respectively.

Payment FAQ

1. Where my card details are stored?

PayPal is our payment processor. We do not store any payment details in our systems.

2. Do you offer free trails

We do not offer free trials. Instead, you can test the copier using FREE account between two MT4 accounts. 

3. Can I upgrade/downgrade anytime?

Yes! Plan changes are handled by PayPal. In case price difference, your plan will be prorated

4. Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can cancel anytime. Please remember, once you cancel, your package will maintain active till your subscription expire. At expiration, PayPal will not be charging you again.

5. Can I get refund?

Yes. In case it is your first order, you have 30 days to request cancelation. First, please cancel subscription in to avoid new charges and reach out to us via support form to request cancelation. Funds will be reverted within 5-10 business days and process will be handled by PayPal.

6. Can I connect third party accounts / signal followers?

All prices are for private usage only. With Standard / Premium plan, you can copy trades to unlimited amount of your own accounts. In case you want to resell signals to third party – please reach out via contact form to discuss pricing.